Andre Landscape

Case Study


The Goal

Harmony in nature: beyond the backyard trim

Andre Landscape began as a run-and-gun lawn-mowing route in Los Angeles, CA, and now, 20 years later, manages land, arbor care and design/build services for some of Southern California's most premiere dining, shopping, and living destinations. With a desire to grow, expand, and reach new clientele, Andre Landscape began a complete overhaul of their social media, website, and brand look-and-feel.  During the process, Talley Media helped Andre Landscape develop and create a visual brand that highlights harmony in nature - the forefront of their business.

Andre Landscape approached us in December of 2016 for assistance on their re-branding project. The goal? Develop the look and feel of their visual brand through photography and videography. Alongside a re-design of their logo, one tagline led the project: "Harmony in Nature." At Talley Media, we set out to build a visual content set that could capture not only the disciplines by which Andre Landscape practices (through Design/Build, Land, and Arbor care), but also by their desire to build a more beautiful and harmonious world, one landscape project at a time. 

Our Solution


As humans, we are creatures driven by emotion. Emotion motivates us, propels us, and compels us to create, love, play, and move forward. This idea is at the core of everything content set we create at Talley Media, and it is at the core of our work with Andre Landscape. How do you highlight harmony with clean-cut fields an tress? How do you build beauty in a planter box? Our solution was gaining new perspectives on what it meant to craft harmony in nature. For this project, Talley Media developed a media strategy and content set that not only showed the beauty of harmony, but also the beauty of the humans that cultivate and enjoy it. Through photo and video highlighting various project sites, service disciplines, and overarching themes like harmony and love, we created imagery and video that shows exactly who Andre Landscape is. 

Content Gallery

Harmony in Nature