The wisdom of the 'burbs and the dapper of the city.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Dapper & Wise Roasters a few weeks before we began our project together. During our meeting, we shared coffee, tasted different types of coffee, and learned about the history of Dapper & Wise - a coffee shop that began as a side project in the 'burbs of Portland, and expanded inwards to the metro city. In a city like Portland, where coffee-culture can often be aggressively perfection-and-status driven, Dapper & Wise destroys the fine-line between high-quality coffee and your good old neighborhood cafe. Who says you can't have fun and make a great product at the same time? 

Our solution?
...Coffee with friends

This is where Talley Media came in. With a strong front-end cafe in metro Portland and Beaverton, Dapper & Wise Roasters wanted to expand the sale of their coffee-brewing equipment and their roasted coffee beans to the brew-at-home market. If you've ever visited the shop in Portland from 9am-12pm, you know how busy it can get. We developed and implimented a content strategy that would encourage their target consumer - coffee hobbyists and aficionados - to try home-brewing. Capitalizing on the idea of community gathering and home-brewing, we created engaging, high-quality content for use on D&W's Instagram account, website, and printed materials. 


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