Nth Wondr Shoe Co.

Case Study

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MAn-Made Shoes in a digitally driven world

Nth Wondr is a U.K. Based small business operating out of the United Kingdom. With a unique approach to creating their shoes, we decided to capitalize on the organic feel of their work to show who they truly are - craftsmen at their core. Hand-made shoes go hand-in-hand with the earth and everything natural, so we built a campaign around the beauty of soil, dirt, roots and the shoe's connection to all of it.

The Goal

Talley Media has been the primary content creator for Nth Wondr since their inception in 2014. Working closely alongside the brand manager and CEO, Talley Media has developed, created, and managed still visual media for each of Nth Wondr's SS Campaigns for the last 3 years. With urban roots and an organic feel, our task was to highlight the functionality of the shoes whilst featuring their lifestyle compatibility. 

Our Solution

At Talley Media, we value work done by hand - that's why we love Nth Wondr so much. Their "Man-Made" approach is the core of our SS '17 content, merging the ideas of organic feeling, urban-exploration, and man-made qualities in to the imagery. By utilizing a shoot location which offered two completely different worlds - urban and natural - we were able to create and deliver a set of images which accurately reflected who Nth Wondr is.


See our content from this set in action at www.nthwondr.com


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