Photo. Video. Moving Image. Instagram. Website. Social Media. Blog.

Photo. Video. Moving Image. Instagram. Website. Social Media. Blog.

Visual Communication. That’s what our platform is built on - but not just any type of visual communication - at Talley Media, we yearn for more. Much more. And much more accessibly. With Talley Media, we communicate your "WHY." 

We communicate your "WHY"

Your business has a history, a story, and a mission. Whether the mission is to change the world, restore a walking path, create enjoyable music or care for trees - as business owners, we all have a mission. It's at the core of who we are. With Talley Media, you have access to a piece-by-piece content package system for your website, social media, and printed materials that will help you communicate your why to your customer - from your website all the way through the booking process and beyond. 



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We live in a social, visual era of communication. That means your photos are the front-line communication between you and your next customer or client. With over 20 years of combined photographic experience, we have developed a system that highlights what you business or brand does, who they serve, and why they do it - then we create High quality photo for social media, blog, website and printed materials so that you can grow your business. Since 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual, focusing on having good photos to highlight your business has incredible roi. in fact, we measured this in our project with vanguard photo - see the case study here. 



company overviews, documentary videos, highlight reels, product and service launchers, explainers and testimonials. These are all incredibly important parts of communicating what your business does and who your business serves. A study by EyeView digital even showed that including a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by as much as 86%. At talley media, we've developed a system that helps you communicate your goal through motion picture. By focusing on why you do what you do, we are able to create content that communicates directly to your ideal consumer. 

moving image

moving images are making an appearance in all corners of the globe - especially instagram - and they have the stopping power where most users continue to scroll. This unique product, developed by talley media in the form of gif and cinemagraph, has the ability to draw your user in and stop their eye so they can see your offer instead of just continuing to scroll. Especially powerful on instagram, our system allows us to develop and generate thumb-stopping results as part of your companies content package. 

instagram management and growth

in an ever-growing world of difficult online trust, we believe that social media serves the purpose of maintaining a healthy and engaging relationship with your customers, while drawing new customers in to your system through the captivating graphics listed above. At talley media, we manage, copy write, and grow your instagram account through relationship development with your customers. 

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So you need content?

We're happy to oblige, and appreciate you taking the time to read through our website. Our pricing structure is based off of the size and monthly revenue of your business - but before we give you a quote, we want to understand who you are. 

We serve clients of all sizes, profits, and locations, worldwide. Whether you're solopreneur, a small business, a tech startup or a Fortune 1000 company, we are here to serve you.

Click the button below, and we'll sit down with you for a free visual media consultation that will define a content strategy for your business or the business on behalf of which you are inquiring. It's free and take about 45 minutes.